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Cabins for rent in the lower North Island

Rent a cabin from Portacabin, we offer a large variety of size. We are a Wairarapa based business who rent cabins within the lower north island area. Our cabins are built by a registered builder. They are built strong and sturdy.

Portacabins make a great adaptable alternative to finding the extra space required for living or working in. The smallest being the size of a double bedroom up to our larger models, the size of a single garage. Each cabin is fully insulated to keep you comfortable all year round.

Our smallest cabins you can rent have sufficient room for a double bed and a couch or table & chairs and a TV. Our largest cabins can accommodate 3 or 4 desks as an office.

Power can easily be connected by a RCD lead supplied. Inside the cabin there are double power points.

When you rent a cabin it is delivered to your site by a truck mounted crane. We can often lift these over difficult obstacles such as fences, hedges or even garages, to place them right in your back yard.

We take pride in our service so contact us today to rent a cabin. Portacabin offers you a free no obligation site inspection.

Portacabins are great for

Extra bedroom


Site Offices

Campground cabin

Room for your hobby


And lots more…

We supply cabins throughout the Wellington and Wairarapa region

Contact us

Phone: 0800 427 678
Email: admin@portacabin.co.nz

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We deliver cabins to the Wairarapa and Wellington region.